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HELP organizing a fine arts show with 80 % WOMAN 20% MEN FINE ARTISTS

Project Description

Hello ALL, My name is Lynda Diamond. I am a painter and painting teacher from NYC and Nova Scotia. I am new to Toronto and have come here to organize fine arts shows featuring predominantly ( but not all ) women fine artists. As you know the major museums in Canada and the world purchase only 7% of woman's art work for their collections . It's time we uncover the bias in a more transparent way. It is actually a big deal that not enough is being done to make sure that our cultural institutions reflect our culture. This said I want the exhibitions I produce to show works by 80 % woman and 20% men. Symbolically reversing what is currently standard. Also I want to show work that has social content. If we are to value art work by woman than we have to be able to SEE their work! And I want to exhibit it!!! Since I am at the very beginnings of this project I am not able to currently pay for services .....a trade may be possible.. Once this project becomes funded a pay position is possible. Check my website PS I have organized successful exhibitions before in Nova Scotia ...see my website and click press I need help with: ** creating go fund me adds **marketing **grant writing ( I have gotten grants in college but never wrote them) **locating great woman & men fine artists, film makers dancers, writers musicians, in Toronto and beyond (I currently have a hand full of artists) ** finding a GREAT location for this exhibit!ion **Help organizing this exhibition


Lynda Diamond

Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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