Golio is built around gigs and gig-bookings




A project is an umbrella plan that is made up of one or many tasks. Any user can create a project.


A gig could be any role on a project not completed by the Leader. Acting gigs are basically like other gigs but with some additional criteria. If the Leader knows who they want to book they can directly invite someone to the gig. Otherwise, the Leader posts a gig and the Golio community can apply to the gig. A well-defined gig is 'done' at some point (i.e. produce a poster for the upcoming gig), we find better gig descriptions get better response rates.


The person who creates the project becomes the 'Leader'. This could be the drummer who books the band practice, the director of a film, etc.


"Contributor" is our general term for someone who applied to a gig.  Applying is a simple matter of clicking a button. If the Leader likes your Golio profile and wants to work with them they will accept the offer. Now they are linked together over the gig and project as a Leader and Contributor.

Feedback & Kudos:

Once the task is flagged as completed the system automatically asks the Leader and Contributor to provide kudos for each other.  Feedback/kudos is only between these two people e.g. a director vouches for a cinematographer.  Feedback/kudos is focused on timeliness, attitude, and skills vs. ask.

Your Golio profile:

Your Golio profile holds a summary of all the work you complete as a Leader or Contributor. This includes details on: kudos, hours spent, project work and revenue. It also provides space to talk about your education, goals, weblinks to projects, etc.

Project Funding (Kudos, Pay-per-Task, Entrepreneurial):

When a Leader creates a project they declare how the Collaborators will be paid. 

- Kudos projects have no funding, the team just exchanges Kudos.  Kudos helps people keep projects on track and build track-records. 

- Pay-per-Task projects are funded by the Leader.  Each task is assigned a fixed dollar compensation.  Contributors can charge tax depending on their business status

- Entrepreneurial projects are shared-risk/shared-reward. The leader assigns % shares to tasks. Leaders need to spell out their plan to fund the project, this could be grant money, t-shirt sales, defense contracts, anything. Targets are just that, a target.

Cost to use Golio:

Leaders submit payments through their bank bill-payment system and Golio forwards these funds contributors. This is how Golio is able to confirm that a Leader distributed funds to their collaborators. Paying through Golio helps you build a reputation for paying your Contributors. 

The cost to pay through Golio is 1.5%.  

Cost of an upgraded actor profile on Golio:

Casting platforms charge actors for access to paid work. Here is the logic - leaders only want to work with people who are somewhat serious. If an actor is not willing to invest a couple of bucks in a paid profile they do not seem serious. Think of it like professional headshots, investing sends a message.

Golio charges $12 if you pay monthly or $120 per year.  This is the same or lower than any other platform. However, Golio aims to deliver a far superior service. (Need anything, just ask! We regularly host office hours, provide advice on creating compelling profiles, etc.)

Bonus value of Golio:

Golio is a single tool that can replace a whole suite of expensive stand-alone tools.  All this value is included in Golio at no extra cost.

Team payments (1.5% vs. 3.5%)

Manage team invoices (value of $15 each)

Gig postings – casting & crew posts (value of $25)

Project management tools ($15/m per team member)

Cloud storage ($15/m per team member)

Hours of your TIME! (priceless)

Setting up a profile

Booking talent