Most information on this site is not private, it is public.  Email addresses and billing information are the only hidden records.  The whole point is to build a public profile.  If you want to keep something to yourself do not post it here.  In fact we suggest you do not post it anywhere.


Real names

Real names are not public unless users want to use them.  If a user wishes to be removed we cannot fully delete all records because there are always two people tied to a task (Producer and Contributors).  We will change all instances to ‘name removed’ but the feedback stays out of fairness to the counterparties. 



All interactions drive the creation of feedback.  All feedback, positive and negative, is tracked.


Blank slate

Users are welcome to open new accounts.  These accounts start with a blank slate – no hrs, feedback, or $.  If you feel your history is holding you back please feel free to start again.



MyGolio has not found a fool proof way to prevent fake accounts.  Even real-live active users may receive fake feedback on fictional projects from friends.


Spotting Zombies

In a profile you can see how many people a user has collaborated with.  If someone is dealing with a large number of people there is less chance of padded feedback.


$ earned is another indicator.  We keep the administration fees to a minimum but they exist regardless.  This fee is a deterrent from people fabricating fake revenue.  If someone is consistently distributing or receiving payments they are likely legitimate.


Boasts and Promises

If a Producer makes claims or promises MyGolio does not stand behind them.  MyGolio keeps detailed records of any funds that are processed through us, but we have no knowledge of any income outside of what we processed.  Please use discretion before you rely heavily on a Producer’s claims. 


Who pays

The Producer is responsible for finding the funds for the project.  We encourage Producers to use any means they can: grants, crowd sourcing, ticket sales, t-shirts, etc.  The Producer allocated up to 95% of the funding to various tasks and 5% to MyGolio.  These funds are submitted by by the Producer through Paypal upon closing the project.  MyGolio processes the money.  MyGolio is not accountable for any funds not processed through us.



If the Producer is dishonest and hides funds from the Contributors we strongly suggest the Contributors provide the project owner negative feedback.  MyGolio will not go after a Producer for non-payment.  If there is evidence of theft we suggest the Contributors contact the authorities.  All records on the project will be made available upon request.



We do not collect any sales tax nor withhold any income tax outside of our processing fees.  If you owe income tax, sales tax, royalties, etc. that is on you.   MyGolio is not your employer.  MyGolio provides a service, distributing money from the Producer to the Contributors and tracks this history.  When asked we will turn over our records so please keep your business clean.


Copyrighted materials

Do not try to pass off work that does not belong to you.  If it comes to light that any user is passing off other people’s work their own the materials will be removed.  We also reserve the rights to publicly mock you.



If you have a big project you want help with you should think about investing some time volunteering. Pay-it-forward and all that.



This site is privately owned by Golio Inc. all rights reserved.