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1976- 1981 Scholarship to Oakland Ballet School 1982-1985 Scholarship to The San Francisco Art Institute , BFA in painting 1989 - 1992 Starred in Four George Kuchar Films, Insanitorium, Munchkins of Melody Manor, Precious Products, Winter Hostilities, These films are owned by Harvard University,preformed as supporting actress in a additional 8 films 1986 Created,Produced, Directed, and preformed in a multi media production "Integration" 1989 Mentored Odd Nerdrum Norway (master painter) 2017-2018 French Studies Laval University, Quebec City
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
I am a fine artist. I am a portrait and landscape oil painter who has branched out into theatre,,dance and film. I have taught painting for twelve years. I have created a hat business in NYC 16 years. I love working in film theatre  and dance. I can design and create sets.  I was doing multi media before there was multi media. Please check out my website :

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