Golio for actors


Build a Profile

On Golio, you can create a profile that showcases your headshot, reel and resume. You should be updating your profile every time you book a gig but even better, any gig you book through Golio will automatically update on your profile! You can also create your invoice information so that every time you book a gig, you can invoice directly and get paid faster! 

Actor profile setup 

Book gigs

Golio has transparency with jobs and you can submit as a premium member to any job that matches your profile and filtered criteria. Once a role is booked, the production can pay you directly through the platform!

Gig bookings prepopulate invoices 

Signing up is easy!

Actor profile

Step 1: Create a login using your preferred email address and password

Step 2. Create and complete your profile

Step 3. Apply for gigs!

Get booked by the people who book talent

Employers share breakdowns on Golio and if you match the criteria of the gig, you can submit your application for consideration. Be sure to select a photo and create a cover letter.



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