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With the Indian Ocean as a backdrop and the Serengeti National Park at his doorstep, it was inevitable that Alnoor would develop a love for photography.  Alnoor started as a child with an old 1950s film camera belonging to his father.  Using a fully manual camera provided a strong grounding in the fundamentals of photography; few scenes are more challenging than photographing a lioness with her pride at dusk or capturing a leopard searching for prey in the dark.  Alnoor is a self-taught photographer and has loved every minute of learning – try telling a hyena to stand still for a pose!
In England Alnoor switched towns and schools often, but always brought his passion for photography with him.  He set up darkrooms for film processing in schools which were known more for vandalism than art programs.  Alnoor’s subsequent assignments included journalism and photographing sports tournaments and weddings.  Capturing the “decisive moment” was exhilarating!  In London, inspired by the imagery of Arthur Elgort and Gilles Bensimon, Alnoor’s interest in fashion photography was ignited.  Alnoor’s contemporary influences include Mikael Jansson, Miles Aldridge and Txema Yeste.  Fashion photography, focused on creating the idealized perfection, continues to capture Alnoor’s imagination.
Alnoor is uniquely gifted – with an engineering background – in his deep knowledge of light, color and digital imaging.  He brings science and art together to create compelling images where the subject always shines.  Alnoor is an expert in color imaging; he wrote his Master’s thesis on the subject of Image Compression in the Color Domain.  Alnoor was one of the telecommunications experts who developed an image compression algorithm for the Joint Picture Experts Group (JPEG) under the sponsorship of the International Standards Organization (ISO).  Every time Alnoor sees a “jpeg” image, he takes a little satisfaction in knowing he had a part in its creation!
Getting the shot in-camera is central to Alnoor’s work.  Learning with a film camera meant being strategic about capturing the desired images with precision rather than taking multiple images and using post-production editing to achieve the desired look.  Alnoor knows how light works; he is comfortable with complex light set-ups to get his desired image.  Post-production is reserved for enhancements that transcend Alnoor’s images from reality to art.
Alnoor’s interests are fashion, beauty, portrait and event photography; his editorial fashion and beauty images have been published in numerous print and online magazines.  Alnoor is dedicated to using his photographic skills to support not-for-profit endeavors.  He has a long-standing commitment to battle sex-trafficking, and has partnered with C.J. Rocker to support organizations such as Covenant House and One Body Village Canada.

Alnoor is also an educator for The Photo Academy, “the world’s best photography learning network”. Headquartered in Belgium, The Photo Academy recruits leading photographers across the world to teach their extensive curriculum.  The courses range from fundamentals to customized sessions and cover diverse genres such as architecture and portrait photography.  Alnoor is determined to help anyone with an interest in photography experience the magic of capturing the “perfect image” - whether the subject is the Toronto skyline at night or a high fashion model in a stylized setting showcasing a designer’s avant-garde creations.

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